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Short Sleeve Printed Dress Lily Pattern Petrol

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The lily print detail creates a fresh perception. A special printing technique is used in our sile cloth dress. Its dye fabric and yarn are made of natural raw materials. It is easy to use, it is beautiful as it is washed and keeps it fresh. Şile Cloth Clothing Şile Cloth Production Eliş Şile Cloth Textile company, with its 20 years of experience, offers Şile Cloth production and a wide variety of clothing models to our valued customers. Natural Products There are no chemicals harmful to health in our completely pure and natural 100% Cotton fabric. Our fabrics, which are produced entirely from cotton 100% natural cotton, absorb body sweat and provide a healthier use thanks to its feature. Wide Area of ​​Use Our products that we produce with our Şile Cloth have wide usage areas with the feature of being Comfortable, Light and most importantly, Healthy clothing. Embroidery and Embroideries In addition, our wide range of cultural and artistic quality embroidery we embroider on our fabric, various handcrafted needlework patterns, lace, are among the indispensables of daily and special times with our colorful motives. For information about our products and models, you can write to us by clicking the "Order with Whatsapp" button. Our Customer Service can contact you as soon as possible for your requests and suggestions.

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